Silver-Wood Women's Institute

About Us

 In 1951 Silver-Wood Women’s Institute was born. The origins started from the area around Silvercreek and Wildwood in the Georgetown area, thus the name. It was a time when the area was very much rural with many farms and homesteads. Meetings were held in member’s homes until the Branch grew too large and we now rent the Limehouse Memorial Hall for most meetings.( this has now changed to Devereaux house) As the years passed, more ladies became interested from the surrounding towns and we have grown into a Branch with many members from other areas. Each member brings their own interests and personalities to the meetings and special events. We embrace challenges and don’t shy away from having a good time or supporting an important project.

Every age group, background, career and interests are represented within the diversity of our members. Several ladies have over the years extended their W.I. interests to further the work of the broader circle of the Women’s Institute. We fan out from the Branch into District, Area, Provincial, National and World sections of our organization. The opportunities to work on committees organizing Conferences and Conventions have been championed by many of our members over the years and great satisfaction has been gained from these experiences.

If your interests are more conducive to your personal adventures near home, there is no shortage in the variety of programs offered on a monthly basis. There will always be an element of fun, interest, learning and participation to keep a member’s involvement keen. We enjoy special dinners (sometimes themed see photo above), outings, craft activities, speakers from a variety of backgrounds, and of course a good visit and a laugh.

So if you’re in need of fulfilment or enjoy learning about something new every month and surrounding yourself with women of interest and variety, give us a call or just drop in when a meeting is being held. Try us on for size and you will probably recognize someone you know. There is no obligation to join and you will be most welcome.

If you would like to know more about the History of the Women's Institute go to our links page and follow the FWIO (Federated Women's Institutes of Ontario) link.

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