Silver-Wood Women's Institute

Great May meeting

May 11, 2017

Silver-Wood had a great May meeting. Our speaker was Mary Ann Matthews the owner of Mary Ann is a Certified Graphoanalyst and a Certified Cursive Writing Coach. She gave us some interesting and informative information about ourselves and our character traits that we could discover in our handwriting. 

Mary Ann right with a Silver-Wood member


Very Informative September meeting

September 18, 2016
Our September meeting last week it was well attended by our members and 3 guests. Our speakers were two members of Advanced Tactical Training and Communication Search and Rescue Services, plus a member of the canine division. They are a not for profit volunteer group who have many means at hand to search for missing persons. They gave a very interesting talk about the different ways they have for searching and the different types of training the dogs in the canine unit have
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Great June Meeting

June 9, 2016
We had a wonderful June meeting with 2 speakers Mary Ann and Edythe from the Vintage Doll Club, who told us about the History of Dolls. They brought along members of their own collections to pass around. Our roll call was to bring your favourite doll or teddy and this was answered by all the members and four guests. Information on these dolls was given to us by Mary Ann and Edythe.

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Garage Sale

June 16, 2015
We will be holding a garage sale on the 27th of June from 8am -11.30 in the Devereaux Hosue aprking lot.
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Annual Meeting 2014/15

April 17, 2015
Once again we have had a wonderful year of interesting and varied meetings. We are planning this coming year so check back on our main page and they soon will be posted. We anticipate another interesting and exciting year with many different topics. Our annual meeting was great success. This year we had High Tea and hats and gloves were worn for the occasion by members and our guests from the Devereaux House board.

We would like to mention that Devereaux House are holding a Mothers Day Tea 10t...
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Annual Meeting 2013/14

April 10, 2014

Last night Silver-Wood had a wonderful annual meeting a pot luck dinner which as always was wonderful and plentiful. Followed by our annual meeting. It was well attended by members and several guests and everyone had a good time
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New ACWW Support Group

August 11, 2011
Our Mission Statement
To help other women and their communities where we can through education, compassion and sustainable projects attained through ACWW.
To treat others as we would want to be treated, with dignity and respect.
To do what we know to be fair and right for all.
See the link to the website on the links page to find out more.
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